Passionate About Helping Others

We want to assist people reach their health and fitness goals.

Beyond Scans is a mobile business based on the Mornington Peninsula, 60 minutes from Melbourne. We travel all over Victoria to assist clients with their health, fitness and overall wellness goals.


Our Body Composition Analysis reports provides information about an individuals composition that can be used to set health and fitness goals and monitor overall wellness.

Business owners Rebecca (Bec) and Justine (Jus) are passionate about educating and assisting the general public on their health, fitness and wellness journey. By analysing information provide on an individuals body composition result sheet, relevant advice is given on what that individual needs to do in order to achieve their goal(s). We look at it like driving a car. You have your starting point, to get to your destination you need to follow this route. Your scan is as unique as you are.

We have just added the Inbody Blood Pressure Machine to our services. This provides clients with more insight into their health.


For those wanting more than just a scan we offer personlised Personal Training or Program Writing. Based on your scan results and your goals Program Writing and Personal Training are designed specifically to your needs.